Signal4D solutions are accurate, automatic, customizable, flexible, scalable, and user friendly. Signal4D solutions are built for you.

Our solutions provide capabilities including raw data access, customizable monitoring and alerting, integration into existing systems, web-based applications, and analytics/advisory services. Our platform is flexible, extensible, open, and technology and mapping/geospatial layer agnostic.

Signal4D Data Platform

Direct API for data access solution

  • Aggregate multiple data sets and make them available via highly performant and customizable APIs

  • Data sets include environment data (such as weather and traffic); telemetry and route data provided by customer vehicles; meta-data provided by other connected customer devices; and other corporate data that can be uploaded in bulk or delivered in real-time

  • Integrate archiving and analytics

Signal4D Monitor

Customizable, high-performance monitoring and alerting solution

  • Track monitored items against a set of monitored conditions

  • Monitored items include locations, vehicles, or routes while monitored conditions include hazardous weather, blocking traffic incidents, and custom geofences

  • Flexible alert delivery, including email, SMS, and HTTPS

User-specific visualization and oversight solution

  • Fully configurable visualization of fleets, routes, and locations in a map view with detailed information (such as weather alerts/thresholds, traffic flow/incidents, real-time telemetry information, routes, and locations)

  • RouteWatch for Drivers mobile application for pre-trip planning

  • RouteWatch for Fleets for dispatch and team lead visualization and monitoring

  • LocationWatch for facilities and supply chain monitoring

Signal4D Analytics

Historical analytics and archival solution

  • Allow customers to archive alerts, output data sets, and any input customer data sets

  • Integrate movement data with corporate, weather, and traffic data sets for deeper understanding of operations (such as route performance/ETA analysis, product quality in shipment, and vehicle performance and maintenance)

  • Maintain archives of historical weather data, which is available for model building or analysis


Signal4D has decades of experience in developing and implementing capabilities. From big data to telematics, Signal4D has the knowledge and ability to develop solutions and apply these capabilities for optimal client value.

Big Data

We have decades of experience working in very large data sets across a range of industries and solutions. We routinely work in multi-gigabyte and terabyte data sets that typically have time and space dimensions.


From basic analytics to advanced machine learning, the open Signal4D platform uses the right technology to solve the problem. We perform historical analysis, implement real-time systems, and deploy predictive capabilities into operations.


We have worked with connected vehicles since the first connected cars, and have deep expertise broadly in connected devices that move, or what we call IoTM, the Internet of Things that Move. We collect data streams for archive and analysis, monitor and alert in real-time, and project future conditions.


Over the years, the Signal4D team has built solutions on top of all commercial and open mapping platforms. Our technology stack is extensible and open, allowing us to create solutions without bias.


We are experts in global weather data - the impact of weather on traffic, governmental alerts, customizable weather thresholds, road surface conditions, and even active forest fires. Our platform aggregates data from multiple sources, provides value-added analysis, and delivers a wide range of actionable weather-related information.


Since the 1990s as charter contributors at a pioneering real-time traffic service, we have been deeply engaged in all aspects of traffic, mapping, and routing. Our proprietary model forecasts the future impact of weather on traffic, and through partnerships we can deliver real-time traffic flow, traffic incidents, and historical traffic for analysis in a map-agnostic manner.