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Whether it is a warehouse or home, trucking route or commute, distribution network or neighborhood, Signal4D uses geospatial data to optimize operations, reduce cost, improve safety, uncover new revenue opportunities, and more. So much more.

Signal4D can create solutions that will deliver a positive impact for you and your customers in very real ways. All with a speed and ease that you’ve never seen before.

Do More With Geospatial Data.​​

Enhanced Data

Direct APIs for enhanced data access solutions

  • Aggregate multiple data sets and make them available via high performance and customizable APIs
  • Incorporate data sets for weather conditions and traffic incidents into existing capabilities
  • Combine with telemetry data, metadata provided by connected customer devices, and other corporate data
Monitoring & Alerting

Configurable and high performance monitoring and alerting solutions

  • Monitor and alert on current and forecasted conditions for points, paths, and areas important to you and your organization
  • Understand weather and fire risk globally for supply chains, trucking routes, homes, and commutes
  • Tap into Signal4D analytics for an understanding of how environment conditions impact travel speeds, EV range, driving risk, and any corporate data sets important to your business

Manage and understand your moving assets

  • Retrieve vehicle metadata including location and speed for inclusion in solutions
  • Include moving assets in situation awareness and common operational picture dashboards
  • Use historical telemetry data for analysis and to create forecast capabilities for operations
Advanced Analytics

Historical and predictive analytics and modeling

  • Integrate your corporate data with environment and reference data
  • Available for monitoring and alerting, visualization, API access
  • Proprietary models for EV range prediction, weather impact on traffic speeds, and driving risk
  • Flexible Map Fabric model
Capabilities Overview

Signal4D has decades of experience developing and implementing numerous capabilities. From big data to weather and traffic, Signal4D has the knowledge and ability to develop solutions and incorporate these capabilities for optimal client value.

  • AI/ML
  • Analytics
  • API Portal
  • Mapping
  • Telematics
  • Traffic
  • Weather

The Signal4D Solution Stack Is Accessible At Multiple Levels.

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