DataBlick to Lend Visualization Expertise to Signal4D Solutions

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DataBlick, a leading data visualization and presentation consulting firm, is lending its expertise to enhance user experience in the deployment of Signal4D’s analytics solutions. Using the Tableau Software platform, DataBlick is working with Signal4D to help customers understand and operationalize their data in the Signal4D platform through engaging visuals and dashboards.

Recognized as one of the premier data visualization and Tableau consultancies, DataBlick’s world class capabilities are being used by clients for everything from finance and healthcare to social media and information services. DataBlick was the perfect choice to bring Signal4D’s solutions to life for our customers.

Announcing Signal4D’s partnership with DataBlick, CEO David Weld said, “We specialize in understanding the power of data to deliver greater value to their customers and operations. Gathering and integrating diverse data sets into actionable solutions is what Signal4D does, whether it be for transportation, insurance, or the reliability of power grids.

“At the same time, data is only as good as the user’s opportunity to understand and act upon it, often in real-time. Working with DataBlick to optimize the visualization of our data and analytics to create efficient and engaging user experiences will ensure that our clients can access and use the full power of our solutions.”

Anya A’Hearn, Managing Director of DataBlick said, “We are excited to help clients harness the power of Signal4D’s analytics capabilities by crafting optimized and targeted front end solutions. Thanks to the data and power of the Signal4D platform, clients are able to easily integrate their data and predict and solve their most pressing challenges.”

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