Our Story

The Signal4D team has been building geospatial solutions together for more than a decade. We are experts in big data, analytics, AI/ML, mapping, telemetry, and scalable platforms.

At Signal4D, we take a technology-agnostic approach to understanding customer and market problems so we can deliver effective, highly-performant integrated solutions. This impartiality allows us to provide a high degree of expertise, thoroughness, curiosity, honesty, empathy, and thought partnership that is unencumbered by bias.

We enjoy sharing our experience and ideas and are always happy to engage in conversation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build data-driven solutions that enhance organizational performance of distributed assets, customers, and operations.

Our Team

Signal4D leadership has decades of experience working in big data, connected devices, highly scalable computing platforms, AI, and analytics. We have delivered solutions in a broad range of areas, including: aviation, development platforms, fleet, insurance, manufacturing, population movement, retail, security, smart cities, telecommunications, traffic, weather, and utilities.

David Weld
Chief Executive Officer
Mark Carroll
Chief Technology Officer
Dmitry Kaplan
Chief Data Scientist
Cindy Wingo
VP, Business Operations