We are passionate about the
Movement of Things
Our solutions deliver operational awareness, efficiency, safety, analysis and strategic insight.


The Signal4D Movement Awareness Platform (MAP) helps customers develop historical insight, real-time awareness, and future predictions about things that move, driving measurable benefits through cost reductions and business growth, efficiency, safety and compliance.


Signal4D has a range of solutions for things that move, including rental car fleets, trucking fleets, tools and equipment, drones, containers, barges, and people.

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Our management team has spent decades working in connected devices, highly scalable computing platforms, and analytics and artificial intelligence. We have delivered solutions in a broad range of areas, including:

  • Fleet
  • Population movement
  • Traffic
  • Smart cities
  • Weather
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Aviation
  • Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Development platforms
David Weld

David Weld

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Carroll

Mark Carroll

Chief Technology Officer

Dmitry Kaplan

Dmitry Kaplan

Chief Data Scientist

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