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Solutions Overview

Whether it is your warehouse or home, trucking route or commute to work, or regional distribution network or neighborhood — Signal4D uses large scale data to find actionable insights for what matters most to you and your customers.

Signal4D customizable and packaged solutions integrate corporate, IoT/telemetry, and environment data to capture as much information value as possible. Our solutions are actionable, flexible, comprehensive, scalable, and user friendly. By implementing Signal4D solutions, our customers optimize operations, reduce cost, improve safety, and uncover new revenue opportunities.

Our solutions are built on top of our proprietary, highly performant, and scalable platform that allows companies to monitor and analyze points, paths, and areas over time (historical, current, and future).

As a team, we’ve been working together for a decade to solve our customer’s most pressing problems. Do you have a problem you need help solving?

Enhanced Data

Direct APIs for enhanced data access solutions

  • Aggregate multiple data sets and make them available via highly performant and customizable APIs
  • Incorporate data sets for weather conditions and traffic incidents into existing capabilities
  • Combine with telemetry data, metadata provided by connected customer devices, and other corporate data

Monitoring & Alerting

Customizable and highly performant monitoring and alerting solutions

  • Monitor and alert on current and forecasted conditions for points, paths, and areas important to you and your organization
  • Visualize aggregate sources and alert on current fire conditions for points, paths, and areas in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Understand the predicted slowdown percentage due to weather, relative to normal flow for the next 48 hours, in 15-minute increments for FRC-1 and FRC-2 roads


Ingest both current and historical telematics data directly from your fleet

  • Retrieve vehicle metadata including location and speed from the company or by device
  • Increase visibility and operational performance with monitoring and alerting
  • Use historical telemetry data for analysis and to create forecast capabilities for operations

Advanced Analytics

Historical and predictive analytics and modeling solutions and archival solution

  • Allow customers to archive and analyze alerts, output data sets, and any input customer data sets
  • Integrate current movement data with corporate, weather, and traffic data sets for deeper understanding of operations (such as route performance/ETA analysis, product quality in shipment, and vehicle performance and maintenance)
  • Incorporate predictive analytics and forecasting into your operations

Capabilities Overview

Signal4D has decades of experience in developing and implementing numerous capabilities. From big data to weather and traffic, Signal4D has the knowledge and ability to develop solutions and incorporate these capabilities for optimal client value.

API Portal
Big Data

The Signal4D solution stack is accessible at multiple levels.

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